MX Medium Pressure

The MX Lite features the Binks stainless steel MX412 pump. Provides users with a low cost, robust industrial spray system which applies a wide range of industrial coatings an an optimum finish quality level. The magnetic detent design (patented) creates a quick stroke changeover with no pulse or surge.

MX412 and 432 bare pumps, 12:1 ratio and 32:1 ratio, ideal for air assisted airless spray applications, for a single gun operation, using thin to medium viscosity coatings.

MX1212 Bare Pump, 12:1 ratio and MX1231 Bare Pump, 31:1 ratio. The patented MX pump supports 1-2 guns in air assisted airless applications. With the industry’s most responsive air motor and fluid section combination, the patented MX pump delivers a very uniform spray pattern at lower operating pressures to improve quality, lower reject rates and energy consumption.

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