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Lights and bulbs

If you have T-8 ballasts in your light fixtures then I recommend part # 5589A. This is the standard bulb that comes in the paint booths we sell. Some of the newer booths come with T-5 light tubes but that is a different story. If you have T-12 ballasts (used in older paint booths) in your lights then I recommend part # 798F. This bulb is more expensive because it has a higher CRI than the 5589A (88 vs. 85). Both bulbs are well suited for a paint booth application, it just depends on your ballast rating (T-12 and T-8 lights tubes are not inter-changable). The 32 watt bulb will illuminate the booth equally as well as the 40 watt bulb. Why? The technology of the T-8 ballasts allows for more candle power from a lower wattage bulb (new technology), the 40 watt T-12 bulb is old school.

LIGHTS - We have every type of light fixture your paint booth could possibly need. We can retro-fit any booth with modern energy (money) saving light fixtures. Upgrading your light fixtures from T-12 to T-8 can save approximately $20.00 a year per light fixture.

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