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Compliant (Trans-Tech)- Paint Spray Guns

Similar to HVLP spray guns in that it uses lower air pressure for pneumatic fluid atomization. Compliant spray guns are often required by European Environmental Agencies for high usage customers. Compliant spray guns combine the fine finish of air spray guns with the transfer efficiency of HVLP spray guns. Compliant spray guns come in a variety configurations; siphon feed, gravity feed, and pressure feed. 

A controlled air spray technology that reduces bounceback and overspray. The finish quality is compatible to air spray, air consumption is lower than HVLP and the spray rates are higher than HVLP.

  • Advantages: High transfer efficiency like HVLP spray guns. Less air consumption than HVLP spray guns. Fine finish quality like Air spray guns.
  • Limitations: Use high volume of air. Not compatible with some U.S. Environmental Agencies for high usage customers.