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New medium pressure Maple pump models for recirculating and non circulating systems, ranging from 166 cc/.04 gal to 200 cc/.05 gal displacement per cycle.

Handles the Troublesome and Difficult Coatings
          •     From high solids to CARC to UV.
          •     From moisture sensitive to shear sensitive.
          •     Both sides of fluid seal are flooded with fresh material.
Reliable Operation
 •     Backup seal ensures you can keep on pumping until the next shift. No need to shut down entire facility if a bellow seal fails.
 • Quick exhaust valve enables rapid switchover and smooth flow.
 • Quick exhaust valve herds cooling/icing away from the air logic for the industry’s most reliable motor.
 • Tough construction — these pumps are made from hardened and chemically resistant materials including
     tungsten carbide, ceramic coated stainless steel, stainless steel, and fluoroplastic.
Simple to Maintain
 •     Inspection hose indicates when it's time to replace bellows.
 •     Backup seal ensures material doesn't enter air motor if bellows seal fails.
 •     No "upper seal" to keep lubricated or adjusted.
Hydraulically Efficient
 •     Piston seals are always engaged. If the air motor is consuming air, you're moving fluid, unlike some competitive designs.

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104009-N Binks 3:1 Maple Pump

104009-N Binks 3:1 Maple Pump

Regular Price: $6,200.00

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